Ingestible Beauty’s Wellness Potential

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Wellness is an easy pill—or supplement, beverage, etc.—to swallow for today's clients. Here, Image Skincare's Janna Ronert shared her take on the future of ingestible beauty.

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Revolutionize Your Wax Treatments With Hypoallergenic Wax Beads! Watch Video!

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Ideal for first time waxers and young adults.Cirépil Cashmere Wax was developed with a new patented, high-performance ingredient that allows you to achieve precise hair removal on sensitive skin. 

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Skin Synergy: Topical and Oral Nutrition


Vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, antioxidants and fats all play important roles in maintaining healthy skin. Star players on the nutrition team to fight extrinsic aging are the B vitamins; vitamins A, C, D, and E; zinc; lutein; lycopene; genestein; epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and resveratrol. Skin regeneration requires these nutrients throughout life, and they are also required by skin in increased amounts under certain conditions such as exposure to free radicals and UV radiation.

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Industry News

Beauty Bites: London’s Pop-Up Sandwich Spa

The brainchild of health food brand Bfree Foods, the British capital welcomes its first ever sandwich themed spa pop-up.

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CareCredit Offers Spas New Payment Options

CareCredit offers spa clients the option to move forward with cosmetic treatments with the convenience of paying for them over time.

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HydroPeptide's Intense 5X Power Peel

The 5X Power Peel is part of the Intense Refresh Facial that helps to brighten, resurface, clarify and smooth the skin. This powerful peel uses five different chemical exfoliators to renew and balance the skin. 

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Ginamarie Products' Lip Pumice

Lip Pumice exfoliates the lips and removes dead skin cells. This product is designed to renew the skin on dry lips by removing dry patches. 

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